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Journalist Maira Hashmi explains why she slapped a boy live.

After a video of journalist Maira Hashmi slapping a boy during live coverage went viral on social media, people started to wonder what had made her act so aggressively. Follow stoptechy

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Soon after, there was a lot of talk about the event on social media, and people had different feelings about it.

Hashmi went to her Twitter account to answer all the questions about why she had to hit the boy.

Hashmi said in her tweet that while she was doing an interview for her show on the street. the boy in question kept bothering a family who was also there. Journalist  Maira Hashmi explains why she slapped a boy live.

“During the interview, this guy was being a pain to a family, which made the family angry. I first tried to tell him in a nice way that he was being bad, but he didn’t listen, so he started to bother the family even more. So, I decided that I could no longer put up with the boy’s behaviour “she told me.

Twitter users had a range of responses to Hashmi’s tweet. Many people liked what she did and said that the boy “deserved it. but others didn’t like it and said that the journalist had “no tolerance.”

Sidra Dar, a Twitter user, said that Hashmi “did the right thing” and agreed with her.

Another user named Ayesha17, on the other hand, wrote: “This is a simple way to get attention. If that wasn’t the case, she wouldn’t have needed to post this video. She hit the boy on purpose and is now lying to hide it.



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