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Jekka Castillo Viral Video On Internet

Video pack of Jekka Castillo filtered on Facebook and Twitter with photos from Telegram as well Singer and influencer Carole Acosta hits the streets in “flip flops” to promote her new content page. To promote her OnlyFans page, Karol Costa, an influencer known on social media as Karol La Diva, took to the streets in “flip flops” and greeted street vendors, truck drivers, taxi drivers and street sweepers. Hand over the print to the people.

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A postcard with his image. “I have some sensual qualities, I like to be extravagant and different in many ways, but I don’t like vulgarity. They’re going to see some skin, something they don’t see on social media,” said the influencer. When advertising your page. Karol La Diva, influencer and Colombian singer. Image via Instagram @karoladiva | Photo: via Instagram The Colombian has gained recognition in recent years for creating “different” content on Instagram, where she shares her daily life and lifestyle, and has accumulated over 450,000 followers. Many users have even termed her as ‘Queen of Luxury’.

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The urban music singer shared a video of her engagement with the influencer on her social networks, opening the doors for possible speculation. In a video broadcast by La Red, Karol Acosta walks down the street in “flip flops” with the program’s group, which has received over 80,000 views, and comments such as: “What would the husband say? Nothing”. , ‚ÄúDistributing leaflets on the street? You can already imagine how cachesudo it is ¬Ľ. However, he has made it clear: “I’m not going to do it for the money, thank God I’m doing very well now, and I’m going to do it for the people who have supported me only as fans.” Let it open.”

Leah also said that she did it because she wanted to experience something different. It should be remembered that Karol has been married to Colombian actor Omar Murillo for 15 years and is best remembered for her participation in soap operas such as Los Medalistas, Pambeles, A Clean Hand and The Man is German, for which many consider her Let’s raise questions.



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