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James Freeman teased and arrested after a video of his fight with police was posted on Twitter and Reddit.

A YouTube channel that is known for confronting police officers all over the country, filming. The encounters, and putting the videos on YouTube has repeatedly made police officers its target. Follow stoptechy

The person behind the “James Freeman” YouTube channel says that he audits the First Amendment, watches police officers, blocks cops, and does other things. He doesn’t see any value in Legal Shield.

People have had different reactions to one of his most famous films, which is about confronting police officers. Keep reading to find out more.

Who is James Freeman? Twitter users had a range of reactions to a video of a police confrontation.

James Freeman teased and arrested

James Freeman, a well-known YouTuber, says he wants to show people the truth about the police and the law. He thinks the system is fine the way it is and doesn’t need to changed.

James says, “My evidence from over the years proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the people who make and enforce the rules do not follow them themselves or hold other members of the ruling class accountable for doing so.”

My goal is to convince people that their system doesn’t change at all because it works well for the powerful no matter how many votes, complaints, lawsuits, or other actions are taken against it. My goal is to give THEM a chance to prove that their system works, not to persuade you that it does. “

Freeman has gone after the Bowie Police Department before. On October 31, just after midnight, he seen on Lindsay Street taking pictures of the police station and city buildings.

At 12:24 in the morning, the camera shows Freeman walking up to the locked front door of the city office and then going into the locked front door of the police station.

On his YouTube site, he has made many other videos about the police, so this isn’t the only one.

James Freeman is a man. Was he put in jail? raped the police officer and was rude to him.

James Freeman is a “cop watcher” who takes pictures of police officers and posts them online. Even though he agrees with the law, he isn’t clear enough about how the police can enforce it.

Freeman has often made fun of police officers and used slang to insult them. In one of his most famous movies, he gets into a fight with a police officer.

James decided to get even with the police because he tired of asked the “same stupid questions.” But, unfortunately, it welcomed with open arms.

Why James Freeman teased and arrested

In the video, James talks to Detective Mike Jardene from the Camp Verde Marshall’s Office. Jardene saw Freeman filming in what looked like the parking lot of an apartment complex. In the video, Jardene can be heard asking Freeman, “What’s this about?” The video is also on his YouTube page.

After that, a police officer comes up to him and asks him where he is and why he and his partner are recorded. The man used the dispatcher to call the police.

The way James acts rudely with the police for his YouTube channel has gotten both praise and criticism from people. Who seen this movie, which quickly spread across the Internet.



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