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Is Tom Cruise Dating Paris Hilton? Couple’s Video Goes Viral On TikTok, Twitter, and Youtube!

Tom Cruise and Paris Hilton featured in a video that gone popular on the internet. In video, the pair is making signs that they in a serious relationship, gone viral, with people sharing it all over the internet. The video, which published on TikTok, showed the pair making signs that they were dating. The individual claiming to be Tom Cruise is not Tom Cruise at all; instead, he is someone else. Give us additional information about why the video is so popular and who the guy in the video is.

Tom Cruise and Paris Hilton speculated to dating after the video went viral, the TikTok video that went viral shows them having a chat that sparked the relationship suspicions. The rumors began to spread, and everyone on social media began to discuss the video. However, the video is a hoax. The video is a forgery, and the guy in it is not Tom Cruise. For the most up-to-date information, visit stoptechy

Is Tom Cruise dating Paris Hilton?

He’s the one who drew Tom’s face, or, to be more exact, he digitalized Tom’s face onto his. Many people are perplexed by the video and are claiming that Tom is dating Paris, which is not the case. Let’s learn more about why the guy resembled Tom. The individual in the video is pleading with Paris to get organized as soon as possible since he is running late for the premiere.

The actress then appeared, they posed normally, and then they seemed to have a debate in which they were making sure to leave no stone unturned in order to look as a precise pair. The ruse discovered and the truth exposed afterwards. The guy in the video really actor named Miles Fisher, not Tom Cruise. Many people couldn’t tell the difference between the two, and many didn’t realize that the true guy behind the video was not Tom, but fisher in reality.

Is There a Relationship Between Tom Cruise and Paris Hilton?

Actually, it was because of this that rumors began to spread around the internet. The video is deepfake, which means it employs multiple voices and artificial intelligence to imitate the person’s voice and characteristics. This video mistaken for genuine because artificial intelligence employed traits to make Fisher seem like Tom, and the speech also altered by artificial intelligence. There are other features and filters that accomplish the same goal.

Wikipedia and Biography of Tom Cruise and Paris Hilton

However, although the majority may identified as fake, others seem to be so realistic that the distinction between false and reality is impossible to discern. There is a TikTok page called Deeptomcruise utilizes Tom’s identity and uploads movies depicting people who not Tom. However, the individual who goes by that name is only a facsimile. Paris and Tom, who rumored to be dating, are not dating, but they have dated other actors and famous people in the past. They are not dating each other right now.



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