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Is Portable Singer Dead or Alive, Famous Singer Portable Met With A Fatal Accident, Crash Video CCTV Footage, Health!

A Nigerian singer lives through his second car crash in two months. Habeeb Okikiola is a controversial singer, and in the last two months, he was in his second car accident. The pictures shown shocking to look at because the seat next to the driver was crushed. People usually call the singer by his stage name, portable. He posted a video online in which he talked about what happened to him and how he dealt with it. Portable posted a pre-recorded video to his Instagram account that showed how the accident had damaged his car. Follow our website for the latest news!!!!!

What happened to Portable Singer?

Portable said that people who don’t like him are trying to kill him. He then thanked God for helping him get through this, and he said that only his side of the car damaged, while the other side was fine. He talked about it in “Pidgin English.” He asked, “Do you see that car?” Why did the damage only happen on my side of the car? God bless, I saved because the car picked me up. He told his enemies that nothing bad could happen to him because he was God’s child. He said that he a star and that nothing else in the car was damaged, not even the driver’s seat.

Portable Singer Car Accident Video CCTV

Cabel Lifestyle told the news and showed the car of portable. They shared the news on Twitter and other places that Singer, Portable, was in another car accident. He was in a car accident on March 30, 2022, and later said it was a spiritual attack. Then, in May, he was in another accident. He has been in the news recently for controversial reasons, and people have been talking about him since late 2021. Because of his car wrecks, he is still in the news. Recently, he was up for two awards.

Why the portable singer death rumours were a hoax

Again, he caused trouble at the awards. Portable was up for two awards in 2022: Rookie of the Year and Best Street-Hop. But he threatened everyone else who was nominated and said he would kill whoever would stop him from getting his award. Soon, the people in charge of the award got in touch with him and asked him to stop making threats and apologize to everyone. They also told him that he wouldn’t be on the list of nominees if he didn’t. The threats he made were not clear and should not be taken lightly. Even though he said, he was sorry for what he said later.

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