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Is Joshua Bam Bam Brown Accident Video? He was in an accident. What happened? Is he dead or still alive? Reason! Death Rumors Are a Hoax!

Joshua Bam Bam Brown of the Discovery series Alaskan Bush. People taken to the hospital after a car accident left him with minor injuries. The event took place on Friday, May 20, in Washington State. Even though the cars crashed terribly, the police said that the accident was not the star’s fault after they looked into it. In the accident, a woman in the back seat of a black Chevrolet died. And the driver taken to the hospital. The driver’s condition is still unknown, but police say that Joshua, 37 years old. Also got hurt in the fatal car accident. It said that the woman who died was 24 years old. Follow our website stoptechy.com for more news!!! Joshua Bam Bam Brown Accident Video

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Joshua Bam Bam Brown Accident Video

On Friday, Joshua was driving his GMC north on the SR 97 expressway when a Chevrolet came from the other side and crashed into him. The car hit Joshua’s GMC straight on, and when Joshua tried to turn, the car fell into a ditch to avoid hit again when Joshua turned. The local police said Joshua wasn’t guilty because he was driving safely. The star then taken to the hospital because he had minor injuries. When he felt better, he let go. Even though the event reported in the news, Joshua didn’t say anything about it. Gabbriella Garcia Harrison was driving the Chevrolet.

What happened to Joshua Bam Bam Brown Accident?

The police say that Garcia lost the car and then drove into the other lane of the road. She hit Joshua’s car, and when help arrived, she taken to the hospital. The media and news houses don’t know what’s wrong with her. But it is said that she was taken to a hospital in Central Washington. Her car’s only passenger died. It is thought that the Chevrolet riders used drugs and drank alcohol. When it comes to Joshua is the second oldest of the show’s seven siblings. He was on and off the show, but he was back on it now in 2019.



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