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iQOO Z6x and Vivo X80 Lite 5G have been seen on the list of devices that Google Play supports.

In the iQOO Z6 series, the iQOO Z6 5G, the iQOO Z6 Pro 5G, and the iQOO Z6 44W are all available right now. Now, it looks like the company might be getting ready to add a new model to the lineup. The iQOO Z6x has been spotted on the list of devices that Google Play supports. The listing doesn’t show any important details about the phone. But it does confirm that it might be coming out soon. Like the other Z-series models, the new iQOO Z6x could be a mid-range option and connect to a 5G network. Just like the other Z-series models. Follow Stoptechy to learn about the most recent news.

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The Google Play Supported Devices List now includes the iQOO Z6x. A new phone from the Vivo X80 series, as well as the Vivo X80 Lite 5G. It will be the fourth phone in the X80 series. Which already has the Vivo X80, Vivo X80 Pro, and Vivo X80 Pro+.

Google Play Console has the iQOO Z6x and the Vivo X80 Lite

The model number V2164KA found on the devices that Google Play supports for the iQOO Z6x. Other than the model number, the listing doesn’t say anything about the hardware right now. We can also see interesting things on the list, like the iQOO Z6 and Z6 Pro. We’ve never heard of the iQOO Z6x before, but we’ll keep an eye out for more information. Vivo X80 Lite 5G.

On the other hand, the Vivo X80 Lite should be less powerful than the Vivo X80, as the name suggests. Except for model number V2202, none of the specs listed on the Google Play Supported devices list. There are a lot of rumours that the phone might have the Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 processor. Qualcomm’s latest premium mid-range chipset.

The Snapdragon 7 Gen1 will replace the older Snapdragon 778G SoC. It is based on Samsung’s 4nm processor. We can expect performance to improve, and the phone price should also go up.



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