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iPad mini 6 users who installed iPadOS 15.5 can’t charge? Here’s what you can do.

The iPad mini 6 is the newest small tablet from Apple. Some problems have been happening since the latest iPadOS 15.5 update came out. After the update, many iPad mini 6 users are having trouble charging their devices. and there are a lot of complaints on the Apple Support Community forums. After the iPadOS 15.5 updates, the iPad mini 6s of those affected no longer be charged. This true no matter what power adapter or cable used.

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Some iPad users have tried to fix the problem by restoring the software, but that doesn’t seem to work. Even though this looks like a hardware problem, it’s a software problem.

Charge problem with iPad mini 6

The new iPadOS 15.5 updates is making it hard for iPad mini 6 tablets to charge. In an internal memo, Apple told authorized service providers that it knows some iPad mini 6 users have had trouble charging their devices after installing the iPadOS 15.5 update. In the memo, Apple also says that replacing the internal battery or iPad won’t fix the problem. This proves that a bug in the software causes the charging problem.

It’s unclear if the new iPadOS 15.6 beta, which developers can get right now. It will fix the problem with the iPad Mini 6. As a temporary fix, the company is telling Apple Retail Stores and service providers employees to tell iPad mini users. Who are having problems to restart their devices.

As already said, it’s not clear if switching to the iPadOS 15.6 beta update will fix the problem. But users who want to can try it. We’ve written out how to install the update.



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