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Instagram Stories time extended to 60 seconds, and an update has been released.


In 2018, Instagram began testing lengthier Story segments of up to 60 seconds with a restricted group of users. Instagram Stories time extended to 60 seconds.

The latest update has begun trickling out to all users worldwide. Follow stoptechy for more info.

Now, users may upload a 60-second tale. They having it split into 15-second halves.

Instagram now enables users to submit Stories that are 60 seconds long, up from 15 seconds before. Users may now post 60-second Stories without segmentation. The app owned by Meta found testing the feature in December of last year. They has now pushed it out to users throughout the world.

Independently confirmed, the update seems to be accessible to the majority of app users. Now, users may enjoy and create 60-second-long stories. Without having them sliced into 15-second segments.

Instagram Stories time extended to 60 seconds

Now that Instagram is more focused than ever on video-based content. It has begun a constant effort to improve the user experience, including extending the duration limitations for videos. The Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, in outlining Instagram’s plans for 2022, effectively said that the picture and video sharing service will increase its focus on video. He also indicated that the app will integrate its video content around Reels further and seek to expand in the same manner.

Instagram Stories time extended to 60 seconds

Instagram has improved a number of Reels-related features, including the ability to post all Instagram videos under 15 minutes as Reels. In addition to the 60-second tales now able to air without interruption. The duration restriction for Reels has extended from 60 seconds to 90 seconds. Instagram already tested a full-screen feed experience similar to TikTok. However, the recent adjustments demonstrate that the App’s status as a video-centric platform remains unshaken.



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