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Houston Texas road rage shooting video has gone viral, and the suspect’s name and photos have been released.

WHO IS NAZLY ORTIZ? The video of a Houston Texas road rage shooting video has gone viral, and the suspect’s name and photos released. The video, notably the one that showed the street anger in Houston, Texas, went viral on Twitter on Tuesday. As a result, everyone is eager to discover more about the true tragedy that happened there. A cleanin g service owner called Nazly Ortiz and her imposter used their black vehicle.

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A disabled US Navy veteran named Benjamin Greene tried to attack someone while pursuing him in his silver vehicle. While sitting in the driver’s seat, Nazly seen photographing the Silver Sedan as it slid off the pavement. Greene may also seen driving the black truck (the vehicle) as it exits to follow the silver car. Follow stoptechy for more updates.

Who is Nazly Ortiz?

Houston Texas road rage shooting video footage and a few photographs taken at key moments provide clear proof that Greene followed the guy in question all the way in his automobile, with the assistance of Nazly. She initially carried the automobile with them, then both cars exited to the north on I-45, and both vehicles came to a halt when Greene tried to attack a particular passenger in the car. It later learned that a 2-year-old infant also in the vehicle with the driver who sparked the road rage incident.

Houston, Texas, Road Rage Shooting Video

Nazly, armed with a pistol, stood in the path of the individual who resisted and attempted to exit the location. She even fired a bullet into the rear of the truck to get him to stop and aid her phioncy. The bullets, fortunately, did not injure either the person inside the vehicle or the child. She kept shooting while the person was still driving. As he drove to the nearest hospital, it revealed that he not critically hurt and just had a few mild concussions. Fortunately, the baby uninjured and safe.

Houston Texas road rage shooting video

When the automobile acquired, it only had a few minor grazes and scrapes, so not much lost. It’s a good thing both criminals immediately apprehended hauled to court. Sheriffs are often there to protect communities from such unpleasant personalities, and they did a fantastic job in this case. They have both charged and presently jailed. Greene charged with assault, while Nazly charged with serious assault. Given that she used greater force and had the potential to injure both the woman and the baby, Simply Googling “Who is Nazly” on Twitter will provide the video of this incident. Observing street anger in Houston, Texas.



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