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Here’s how much the Xiaomi CyberDog costs and what it can do in India.

The Xiaomi CyberDog, a four-legged robot that can be used in many ways, now in India. Xiaomi first showed off the robot pet in August 2021. The CyberDog is a four-legged robot that is very different from what the company usually makes. It uses computer vision to recognize objects, faces, and surfaces and has a lot of other artificial intelligence skills to work as an advanced robotic home assistant. Even though you can’t buy one yet in India, Xiaomi is letting you take a look at and try out the CyberDog at a store near you for a short time.

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Price and how to see the Xiaomi CyberDog

According to a statement from Xiaomi India, users can check out the CyberDog at Mi Home stores in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, and Ahmedabad. The company hasn’t said how long the four-legged robot assistant on display in India or if this a test to see if people in the country are interested in a new type of product.

The CyberDog costs CNY 9,999 in China, which is about Rs 1.18 lakh.

What the Xiaomi CyberDog can do

The Xiaomi CyberDog is made of plastic and weighs almost 14 kg. It is powered by Nvidia’s Jetson Xavier NX AI supercomputer, which runs all of its functions. This is also paired with an SSD with 128GB onboard. The source code of the four-legged robot dog is open source. Which Xiaomi says will attract developers from all over the world who want to add more services to what the robot can already do.

Xiaomi says that CyberDog is powered by 11 “high precision” LiDAR sensors that help it move by giving its limb motors real-time maps of its depth and location. It can move and act quickly, doing things like backflips at a speed of 3.2m/s. It can understand and follow voice commands, and you can control it with an app on your phone.

On the head of the Xiaomi CyberDog is a touchpad that used to check the battery level. It has two USB-C ports and an HDMI port so that you can connect more things to it. A single charge last up to 160 minutes, depending on how it used. Using a USB-C cable takes four hours to charge the robot.


It also cameras that powered by AI and interact with its surroundings. It also has binocular fisheye cameras that can see a very wide area. This, along with Intel’s RealSense depth module and computer vision algorithms, helps the robot understand its surroundings and move around. It also has a “centimeter grade avoidance system” that keeps it from running into your furniture.

The Xiaomi CyberDog can also recognize human postures and faces and voice commands through pre-set “wake words.” Xiaomi says that if the quadruped robot open-sourced, developers able to make it do things that no one could have imagined. It even has extra USB-C and HDMI ports. That developers can use to add more sensors and cameras to give it even more advanced features.

At the time that Xiaomi showed off the CyberDog, they had already made 1,000 of them.



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