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Gurumiharibo video viral on Reddit and Twitter checkout now

Kpop has gained worldwide Gurumiharibo video due to the dissemination of viral images of group members engaging with one another. Despite the fact that Kpop stars not permitted to date or sneak about with another group member. Until they have signed a contract with a record company or business, rumours abound online that this is the case.

Although the bulk of them are false, certain boy and female groups snap photographs together. Although some K-pop fans are incredibly tolerant and respectful of their privacy, other toxic followers make fun of one other for relationship rumours and viral photographs. Currently, online rumours and viral photographs of BTS members V and Jennie are highly popular.

Gurumiharibo viral Video & Pics

BTS is the largest boy band in the world with the greatest fan base. Although the female group also includes fanboys and fangirls. It more probable that the girls are the ones who scrutinise the males’ private information. Since they are so fascinated by their romantic relationships. There are now an abundance of photographs of Jennie from Blackpink and V from BTS on the internet.

Due of the photos’ realism, a large number of admirers assume that the two are dating. The Viral photos are plainly modified, but they seem too genuine. Despite the possibility that someone is really doing these adjustments and publishing them. According to their employer’s regulations, Jennie and V have never had a romantic relationship.

Gurumiharibo: A Biography

Gurumiharibo even made the audacious assertion that Jennie and V are dating when he posted pictures of them on Twitter. While simultaneously making charges, the user continues to upload the same photographs to imply that the two are dating. In addition to a single shot. The user uploaded other modified photographs of the two superstars together, with admirers noting times in which they were both seen with various members of their group.

Although the dieting is quite accurate, they never dated in reality. The user makes fun of themself for doing such a horrible crime.

Another Twitter user said that Hybe Labels would soon sue Gurumi for the harm she is doing. Fans who believed the photographs to authentic cheered. But poisonous fans grew outraged.

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Those who knew the truth were just seeing the alterations. Gurumi, the individual who uploaded the photographs, removed them from Twitter and stated that no one had ever sent her with legal notice. Black Pink Lisa and the members of BTS have previously been the subject of a large number of fraudulent and easily manipulated web photographs, and the same is true in this occasion. While the members of BTS and Black Pinks’ labels retain their normal calmness beside them.



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