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Checkout the Grand Theft Auto VI video leak: great gameplay details revealed

The most recent Grand Theft Auto VI video game came out in 2013. Thanks to the continued success of its online game. It quickly became the most expensive piece of entertainment.

Take-Two Interactive Software Inc.’s video game with the most hype is Grand Theft Auto VI. The last version of the game came out in 2013 and sold 170 million copies. Bloomberg says that a hacker released footage from the making of Grand Theft Auto VI. Before it was officially released. Follow stoptechy for more trending news.,

The hacker put up dozens of videos from Grand Theft Auto VI that had never seen. Before on an online message board over the weekend. The leaked footage shows how Grand Theft Auto VI will played before it has finished. The cache of videos gives a long. Unofficial look at how one of the biggest games in the business made.

Grand Theft Auto VI video

Because this kind of leak is so rare, some people aren’t sure if it’s real. But people who know how the game made say the videos are real.

By putting the videos on the online forum, the person gave the impression that they the same hacker who broke into Uber Technologies Inc. last week. The claim, however, has not proven. In a follow-up message about the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game. The hacker said, “I’m looking to make a deal,” and he hinted that he might reveal more inside information about the project.

A request for comment from outside of regular business hours not answered by a representative from Take-Two.

As said above, the last Grand Theft Auto V game came out in 2013. Became the most valuable entertainment property. The next Grand Theft Auto game, Grand Theft Auto VI, worked on in some way since 2014. Bloomberg said that the new online game will be the first in the series to have a playable female main character. They will take place mostly in a made-up version of Miami.

Grand Theft Auto VI video reveal

In February of this year, Take-Two finally admitted that the game existed. This made its stock go up by 7% right away. In July, Roblox Corp. said that a hacker trying to get money from the company by putting stolen information online. Neil Druckmann, co-president of Sony Group Corp.’s Naughty Dog, tweeted on Sunday to comfort “my fellow developers out there who affected by the current leak.”



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