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Gospel music video Chrisean Rock Music Albums

Gospel music video Chrisean Rock Music Albums uploaded a video of her and Blueface making out on her Instagram Story. The video has been extensively distributed on Twitter and other social networks. She uploaded yet another personal video with Blueface to Instagram within minutes. Blueface and Chrisean Rock have returned to Twitter after making their love public on Instagram. Chrisean Rock went live on Instagram on Sunday, October 2, 2018, to express her frustrations against Blueface. Follow our website, stoptechy, to get the most recent updates!!!!

A Recording of Chris Rock

During the live broadcast, Rock accused her partner of cheating and said she had taken his phone. She said, “Guy, I nearly went to jail.” I vow in the name of God. She said, “I wrecked the hotel room in front of Nigga [Blueface].”

“I shattered the television and the window,” Rock laughed, continuing his tale. Rock arrived at the next motel so late that he had to sprint. As a 25-year-old rapper, Rock likely believes Jaidyn Alexis is unfaithful.

The actress of Baddies South also said that Blueface cheated on her with a “broken b***h,” presumably a mutual acquaintance. Rock began to weep as she attempted to understand why Thotiana’s hitmaker continued to cheat on her.

Her words were murmured: “Man, I’m aching inside.” Blueface made a mobile phone call, presumably from a hotel room. It seemed like the couple’s argument would continue for some time.

Gospel music video Chrisean Rock Music Albums

Rock then compares herself to Jesus in the stream, but Blueface, whose real name is Johnathan Jamall Porter, references the Gospel of John. The troubles that evening were not exclusive to Blueface and Chris Rock alone.

His mother, Karlissa Saffold, nicknamed him. She was concerned and required the whereabouts of her son. Despite their history of violence, they looked to be able to communicate in a manner that was mainly polite.

Gospel music video Chrisean Rock Music Albums

The Baltimore native even made fun of the notion of abducting Blueface. When asked whether she agreed, she said, “Perhaps, perhaps not.” He may have gone lost. The face of the Blueface newborn girl that Rock accidentally revealed to Jaidyn Alexis during an Instagram Live broadcast.

She shouted, “I’m sorry, I wasn’t intended to reveal you anything about his kid.” In contrast, Saffold explained on Instagram Live that Rock’s error allowed her to see her grandchild for the first time.



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