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Google’s Doodle honors Angelo Moriondo, who was the first person to make an espresso machine.

Angelo Moriondo’s 171st birthday is celebrated Google with a special Google Doodle. Many people think that Angelo Moriondo was the first person to make an espresso machine.

Angelo Moriondo was born on June 6, 1851, in Turin, Italy, to a family of business owners who always had new ideas and projects in the works. His grandfather started a company to make liquor, which he gave to his son (Angelo’s father). Angelo’s father, along with his brother and cousin, later started the well-known chocolate company “Moriondo and Gariglio.”

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Google says on its Google Doodle page that coffee was the most popular thing in Italy in the 19th century. Because of how the drinks made, customers had to wait more than five minutes for them. Angelo Moriondo came along. He was the first person to patent an espresso machine. Today, Doodle’s 171st birthday celebrated.

Moriondo bought two businesses, the Grand-Hotel Ligure in Piazza Carlo Felice in the city center and the American Bar in the Galleria Nazionale on Via Roma. He did this to follow in the footsteps of his family. Even though coffee is popular in Italy, customers didn’t like having to wait for it to brew. Moriondo thought that if he made more than one cup of coffee at once, he could serve more customers more quickly. This would give him an edge over his competitors.

Moriondo hired a mechanic to build his idea, and then he supervised the work himself. In 1884, he took his invention to the General Expo of Turin, where it won the bronze medal. The machine had a large boiler that heated water and pushed it through a bed of coffee grounds. A second boiler made steam that flashed the bed of coffee grounds and finished the brewing process. He got a patent called “New steam machinery for the quick and cheap making of coffee beverages, method ‘A. Moriondo.'” In the years that followed, Moriondo kept making changes and getting patents for his idea.



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