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What does Google Meet automated transcribing function do?

Google Meet automated transcribing function now includes a slew of new features thanks to the company’s technological prowess. Meeting auto transcription is one of the primary features that will added to Google Meet. Follow stoptechy for more info.

Meeting transcripts capture the meeting conversation automatically, making it easy to follow up afterwards or serve as a record. Users must now rely on third-party programmes to transcribe Google Meet.

Google is currently integrating this functionality. The transcribed file is kept in the host’s “Meet Recordings” folder. It claims to be a folder in Google Drive, comparable to meeting recordings. Initially, the functionality will only be available in English.

Google Meet automated transcribing function

According to Google, for meetings with less than or equal to 200 invitees. The meeting host, co-hosts, or transcript initiator will get an email with a link to the transcription document when the meeting concludes. The transcript will automatically appended to the meeting’s accompanying calendar invite.

In the case of meetings with more than 200 participants. The transcription will shared solely with the meeting organisers, host, and co-hosts, as well as individual users who began the transcription.

Prior to the meeting, participants will get an email alerting them that the meeting transcripts are now available. The option will enabled by default. Google Workspace Business Standard users have no admin control.

Another new feature for Google Meet is the companion mode. Which enables users to raise their hands, make polls, and do other things from their laptop.

Google automated transcribing function

“This mode will allow in-room participants to actively interact by raising their hand, conversing. Asking questions via their phone while using the in-room audio and video,” Google claims.” Meet will also have automated framing, according to the business.

Participants in the video tile will be able to frame themselves pre to the meeting using this function. Furthermore, Google Meet users will now able to attend or initiate a meeting straight from Jamboard on the web, kicking off cooperation.

This makes it easy for users to offer jam and begin contributing. It is accessible on the internet.



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