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Golden Retriever dog plays with girls in the pool, then runs away with a Barbie doll.

When pets and babies or toddlers grow up in the same house and under the same roof, it’s fun to watch them play and be around each other. And that’s exactly what you can see in this Instagram video of a Golden Retriever. At the beginning of the video, two little girls play with their favourite Barbie doll in an inflatable pool outside. The dog then finds the doll, thinks it’s his and puts it in his mouth as he runs away. The caption for this video, which has been going viral for all the right floof-related reasons, says, “Life with toddlers and a golden retriever puppy. Follow Stoptechy to find out what’s going on in the world.

The video has been posted on the Instagram page for The Duke of Madison, a cute Golden Retriever dog. This dog is only a year old and lives in Madison, New Jersey, in the United States of America. There are also more than 28,000 people who follow the dog’s Instagram page. People who like this puppy can’t get enough of the pictures and videos on this page, which show what it does every day and how cute it is. You’ll probably want to watch this cute video over and over again.



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