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Rappers Gnuk and Bosstop shot dead? Chicago Shooting Video explanation

Were the rappers Gnuk and Bosstop shot dead? Explaining the Chicago Shooting Video: Exclusive news says that the rapper Gnuk has shot and killed. We just got some new information about the shooting in Chicago, where at least 54 people shot and seven died. Two of the seven people who hurt shot and died at the scene. These were rappers Gnuk and Boss Top. But this report uses a cliche. When we looked into this situation and found out what really happened to Gnuk and Boss Top, we found something good for their friends and fans. If you want to know what’s going on with rappers Gnuk and Boss Top, take a look below. Check for more news.

Rappers Gnuk and Bosstop Assassinated?

After hearing a lot of bad news about him, we finally got an update. According to the news, he is still alive and getting care at a hospital in Chicago. He is also said to getting better from the bullet wound he got in Chinatown. According to the source, the rapper is making progress and getting better from his injury. Please scroll down the page to find out more.

Do you really know what made people start talking about his death on the internet? According to the source, two men with guns started shooting in Chinatown around 10:50 PM in the 2200 block of South Wentworth Avenue. Because it a busy area, a woman was killed at the scene and rappers Gnuk and Boss Top were hurt. Both are lucky to still be alive and are getting better in a hospital. The woman who shot and killed was also taken to Stroger Hospital right after the shooting spree, but she could not handle the pain of her wounds and died.

Gnuk and Bosstop shot dead

According to the authorities, the woman 24 years old, and another woman who shot in the hand is 42 years old. She treated at the University of Chicago Medical Center. The suspect, or one of the two shooters, is treated at Northwestern Memorial Hospital for a bullet wound to the buttocks. Even though we don’t know for sure when Gnuk was born, he seems to be in his 20s. Keep watching.



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