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Giant screen falling video viral during a concert in Hong Kong featuring Mirror Boy Band

Giant screen falling video viral during a concert in Hong Kong featuring Mirror Boy Band. During a live event in Hong Kong, a massive screen crashed over two members of the “Mirror Boy Band,” causing considerable distress among the band’s enthusiastic fans. The CCTV cameras and mobile cameras used by concertgoers to film the event were all activated at the same time. They had no idea that such a tragedy would surround them in such a manner, so when their followers learnt about the occurrence, they showed their outrage. You’ll find all the facts you need, as well as a few fascinating unknowns, right here. Follow stoptechy

Giant screen falling video viral

According to insider information or sources. A video of the event shared online and showed 15 dancers dancing on stage when two of them were accidently struck by a Giant screen falling video viral that had fallen on the stage hastily. The encounter was genuinely terrifying, as shown by the viral video. When the tragedy occurred, the crowd erupted. Yelling and pointing at the crew since the two of them gravely injured. The organisers had to halt the event in order to put it under the supervision of the medical staff.

“Mirror, where have you gone?”

The management team then contacted the proper authorities, who investigated the problem and uncovered the error made by the preparatory team in putting up the displays. But, in the middle of all of this, they issued a statement that radically changed the scenario. Despite the fact that everything is plainly seen in video. They stated that “none of the band members wounded.” Since the video has widely shared on social media, practically everyone has expressed their concern and asked God to protect them as well. Click here for watching video.

Watch Giant screen falling video viral

According to sources, the tragedy occurred on Thursday, July 28, 2022, during the fourth of twelve planned Mirror Band performances. Nevertheless, despite all of this, a few reliable sources are asserting that the injured actors hurried to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital so that the medical staff could treat them and facilitate their recovery. Their ardent supporters never stop sending them their blessings in the hope that they will recover quickly. Here, we have mentioned such information that has obtained from other reliable sources.



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