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Gaylord Michigan Tornado Video: 12 People Hurt and 1 Killed in Dangerous Tornado, Obituaries, Damage, and Latest News!

Recent news reports say a tornado in Gaylord, Michigan, killed one person and badly hurt 44 others. This scary event happened on Friday, and Governor Gretchen Whitmer declared a state of emergency. People are having trouble because of this, and Gaylord has a lot of damage. However, it is said that the tornado started in the Home Park. After this tornado hit the Home Park, it did not stop there. Instead, it moved on and crossed the next 2 to 3 miles very quickly. Follow our website for the latest news!!!!!

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Video of a tornado in Gaylord, Michigan

This tornado moved nonstop for two hours, and before it hit the town, it blew out many Westside towns and damaged or destroyed many homes. That Friday night very scary and dangerous for the people who lived there, and an emergency was declared. It was hard for the people who lived in Michigan because the water was all over the city, and it was hard for them to walk and live. They went through a lot of trouble.

Tornado in Gaylord, Michigan: Damage and Latest News!

But they will deal with it together. The last few weeks have been especially scary for the people. The damage has already done, so now it’s time to recover. It will take a long time to get better and get back to normal, but people said they’d never seen a tornado hit the area like this. They were homeless and exhausted, and everyone tried to help each other. Many people had serious injuries and taken to a nearby hospital in an emergency.

1 dead after rare tornado rips through northern Michigan town, inflicting  major damage - National |

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There are also many pictures of this tornado on the internet, and everyone is talking about it. However, people have lost loved ones, and the people in the emergency ward are in serious and critical condition. Many people have also lost their homes, and only the foundations of about 12 homes are still standing. It happened at 3:45 p.m. on May 20.



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