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Five new features for WhatsApp are on the way: you’ll soon be able to chat with yourself, send media with captions, and more


  • Soon, Five new features for WhatsApp.
  • These include being able to talk to yourself, having profile pictures in group chats, and forward media with captions.
  • At the moment, it needs to be clarified when the features will be added. Follow stoptechy for more info.

Five new features for WhatsApp. Recent news says that both the web and the app versions of WhatsApp will get at least five new features. WaBetaInfo says these features will make the app even better for users and make it easier to use. WhatsApp sends out updates often to add new features and improve the app. The list of upcoming features is the ability to chat with yourself, profile pictures in group chats, forward media with captions, and more. Even though these features are pretty easy to understand, there are some exciting changes to how they will work.

5 WhatsApp features coming soon

Being able to talk to yourself

At the moment, WhatsApp users can send themselves messages. But with the new feature, the instant messaging app will let you talk to yourself by tapping the “Message Yourself” button. WaBetaInfo’s report also says that the option to chat with your phone number will be in WhatsApp’s contacts list, making it easier for people to talk to themselves.

Pictures of people in Group chats

Another thing being worked on for WhatsApp is setting profile pictures for each contact in Group chats. When a group member gets a message, their profile picture will be shown. But if the group member doesn’t have a profile photo or it’s not visible because of privacy settings, the chat will show the default profile icon.

The ability to send videos with subtitles

Users will soon be able to add a caption to images, videos, GIFs, and documents they send through WhatsApp. This feature isn’t in the stable version yet, but it is in the latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android, version, which you can get from the Google Play Store.

A new tool for blurring images

Soon, you will be able to blur images in WhatsApp. This will make people confuse or cover up private information in their photos. The report says that WhatsApp has created two blur tools allowing users to edit images. They can also choose the size of the blur, which gives them more control over how the effect looks.

Auto-download of media on desktop

WhatsApp desktop users on Windows and macOS can change how photos, videos, and documents are downloaded automatically. Desktop beta users are the only ones who can use the feature.



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