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Five bodies discovered in Maryland; a boyfriend murdered his ex-girlfriend and her family before committing himself

Five bodies were discovered at a property in southern Maryland. All victims of a murder-suicide, according to news reports on the Internet that broke recently. According to reports, a 28-year-old guy is responsible for shooting himself dead. After murdering his ex-girlfriend, her brother, her mother, and another man. This terrible occurrence happened at a house in Maryland. Recently, this material has been made available on the Internet and has gone viral on social media sites. This shocking fact sparked a discussion. Here, we have further information regarding the information, which we will share with you in this post.

Five Dead Bodies discovered In Maryland, Homicide-Suicide Defined!

According to the story, authorities said on Saturday that a 28-year-old man is accused with shooting himself after murdering his ex-girlfriend, two of her family members, and another man inside a Maryland residence. According to a news release issued by the Charles County Sheriff’s Office on Saturday afternoon, the five deceased were discovered inside the La Plate property on Friday afternoon after an anonymous homeowner returned home from work. Please read the whole article as you are on the correct page for further information on the subject.

The Sheriff’s Department said that Andre Gross sales, age 28. Entered the house and murdered his ex-girlfriend, identified as a 21-year-old, his brother Kai Mann, age 18, their mother Sommaly Mann, age 48, and one other guy who was present, White Plains resident Javon Watson, age 23.

According to Sheriff’s Office Sales, the individual, who lived in many locations, shot himself with a gun that subsequently recovered. The Sheriff’s office said that two young children who were first reported missing had discovered unharmed in a different location. Scroll down the page for further information on the subject matter.

As far as we are aware, when police arrived at the scene of the crime. They discovered the homeowner at the front door, who said that when he returned home from work, he discovered five bodies inside. Two young children went missing and were eventually found in another location, unharmed and secure. As a result of information becoming viral on social media platforms, many responses started to become internet headlines. Nonetheless, many folks are eager to understand the whole details.



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