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Facebook works on 5 different profiles under one account to revive dying user base


Facebook is currently developing a new feature that will enable users to manage multiple profiles through a single primary account. Facebook works on 5 different profiles

It is possible for users to have up to five distinct profiles that are all connected to one parent account.

According to Facebook, this can make it easier to differentiate feeds based on the interests of users and the relationships they have.

The parent company of Facebook, Meta, may soon introduce a feature on Facebook that would allow a single account to create multiple profiles. This would done in an effort to attract more active users to the platform. This brand-new feature gives users the ability to customize their experience for other relationships and interests by letting them choose from up to five different feeds to follow. The functionality is currently going through testing, and it has not yet made available to the general public.

Know in detail

The parent company of Facebook, Meta, has entered a transitional phase in its trajectory and is in the process of reorienting itself toward a future that is based on the metaverse. Due to the fact that Facebook and Instagram are two of the most valuable assets in Meta’s deck. It is of the utmost importance to generate a healthy flow of revenue so that it can reinvested in Meta’s vision.

In an effort to increase user engagement and traffic, Facebook is experimenting with a new profile feature.

It’s possible that Meta, which just recently gave an update on its performance to the investors who own the company, is considering new ways to maintain a high level of interest on the Facebook social media platform. According to a report that published by Bloomberg on Thursday. The social media giant Facebook is working on a new profile feature to keep its users actively engaged on the platform.

Facebook wants to “tailor their (users’) experience based on interests and relationships,” according to Facebook spokesperson Leonard Lam, who spoke with CNN Business about the company’s goals. You would be able to host multiple profiles under the same account on Facebook. However, each profile would driven by a different set of interests and relationships, such as a gaming community or a group of people. Who passionate about motorbikes.

Facebook works on 5 different profiles

Facebook will also make it possible for users to adopt different identities in relation to aspects such as names and interests, although it will do so in accordance with a standard set of guidelines. As a consequence of this, it is possible that Facebook will update its Community Standards. The company is motivated to tie back the user’s core account in order to comply other policies and regulations. This is done to prevent unethical practices such as unauthorized impersonation, theft of identity. Other such things, among other things. It’s also likely that only the primary profile will be able to use sensitive Facebook features, like making pages and using Facebook Pages themselves.

It is also unknown to what extent the profiles will intertwined. As well as to what individual features each profile that is associated with an account have access. In addition, it is important to note that a timetable for the release has not yet been provided.



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