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EXPLAINED: The murder of Charlene Wold. Is Logan Reese still alive or dead?

Hello, everyone! We have some news about Charlene Wold. Logan Roland Reese, played by Matthew Underwood, is the show’s main character and has been a gang member for all four seasons. Malcolm Reese, a famous TV and movie producer, gave birth to him with a lot of weight. He is a friend and roommate of Chase Matthews. and Barret, and a close friend of Zoey Brooks, Lola Martinez, Nicole Bristow, Danu Cruz, and Quinn Pensky.

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How Did Charlene Wold Die?

When there was an accident, a SWAT team was sent there. The police found out at about 2:05 a.m. Logan shot himself in the head on March 19, and when he left the country house after the show, he went to his house to get a gun and a suit. The investigation also found out that Logan was addicted to oxycodone, which was also mentioned on the show.

Charlene Wold Wikipedia, Biography, Age

Authorities thought she was going through withdrawal, so they asked Charlene about the painkillers she had been taking because of her surgeries. The wanted suspect was found to be mountain peak Reese, Charlie’s 28-year-old son from a previous relationship. Logan hit Darrell in the face, according to the show. Then, by chance, he found his son Sterling in the garage. And McKenna Anderson, who is close to the family.

Charlene Wold’s funeral and death notices

Later, Sterling went to look for his mother, but he ran into Logan instead. During the next argument, Sterling’s head was knocked around. A home in the Wisconsin city of Glenwood City. When they got there, a 911 call changed how the investigation went. Around 12:45 p.m., Logan’s neighbour called. Then, a police officer from Woodville, Wisconsin, saw Logan’s car on the highway. As the story goes on, we still don’t know what will happen to Logan. Stay in touch with stoptechy to find out more about this news. We will soon update the same page if we hear anything new about it, so until then, save our website for the future.



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