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Explained: HYPO MASHTOWN Death Video Reason, Emeli Sande’s Ex-Rapper Hypo Stabbed at Party During Fight, Suspect!

Sad news has just come out that a popular rapper has just died. Rap legend Hypo has died, and news of his death is all over the internet. His fans are shocked this sudden news. Fans want to know why he died so suddenly, and some are hoping this is just another fake death story. But many reliable sources say that the London-based rapper Hypo killed and stabbed to death. The real murder took place at a party in Redbridge for the Jubilee Bank Holiday. Follow our website STOPTECHY for the latest news!!!!!

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Hypo: Death in Mashtown Video

Before Emeli Sande died, the shooter briefly talked to the late rapper and ex-boyfriend of the singer. Who is now known Emeli Sande. The terrible video footage shared on social media shows. That the doctors are doing everything they can to save the rapper’s life. The police have started their investigation. They think that other guests saw stabbed to death. And some of them may have been lucky enough to record the attack on their phones. The police are asking people to come forward and have asked anyone with footage or information about this case to come forward.

CCTV Rapper Party Fight Video

The rapper was in his 30s when he died, and he just gave it up at midnight on Friday, June 3, 2022. As we’ve already said, the murder took place at Ashton Town Playing Fields in Woodford Green, which is on the road to Chigwell. Reports say that the rapper and his twin sister recently celebrated their birthdays and that he got engaged last week. But the news of his death was like a storm for his fans. The rapper used his social media accounts and usually posted about his daily life.

Who Was Hypo Mashtown, the Rapper? Instagram, Age, and Income

At the beginning of his IG stories video, he is driving to the Redbridge event and then moving through the crowd of big people inside. He seemed happy and looked like he was having a good time. But they don’t know what happened to turn the happy place into one where people are sad. So far, we know that the late rapper dated Emile Sande and that they also worked on a record label together. The late rapper was a partner in that label, and the late Jamal Edwards helped out by making music for the label.


On social media, thousands of fans, friends, and family have paid tribute to the late rapper, and some have shared videos of him performing on stage. Tanika Bailey, an actress, wrote on social media, “Hypo, you are like my brother. We fight like Tom and Jerry, but I never thought you would leave us so soon. May God give you peace, and soon the person who hurt you will be behind bars.



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