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EXPLAINED: Did MONA KIZZ Commit Suicide As A Result Of The Porta Potty Dubai Video Going Viral?

As per the latest report woman named Karungi monic has no more. MONA KIZZ Commit Suicide was that shocking DC jumped from the AI Fahad resort this Sunday. This was a very stunning and a piece of life-threatening news. When all the participants of the hotel get worried after she jumped out of the building. As per the data she is the lady getting viral on the social media platform. And she is additionally a very famous social media and women who passed away. She took her own lifestyles by using jumping hence she tried suicide. She was a very stunning and extraordinary moment and her age was 24 years old. Follow Our internet site for the today’s updates!!!!!

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Did Mona Kizz Committed Suicide

At 24, she has achieved nearly everything. And she was very difficult working but no one is getting the point that why she jumped from the tower in Dubai. Which is in the United almost everyone says that she committed suicide. Because she was once going via a rough time and she was depressed, and it was because of this that she chose to commit herself. But as per some people, her video A Porta-potty. Which has been floating on the social media platform and is coming on trending a long time back. And possibly this could be a reason MONA KIZZ Commit Suicide committed suicide.

Mona Kizz Porta Potty Dubai Viral Video

Because everyone was speaking about her, so there are probabilities. She committed suicide for this reason and then she provides up her life. However, some people additionally say that currently she started out posting her own private snapshots as well. As per the information received when she used to add her pics which were very revealing many times she got trolled by the media and the humans and everyone used to comment on her this could be a reason that she tried suicide And then she passed away in many pics she used to seem very unhappy with clumsy eyes.

Trolling someone into an insect where the decision to give up on their life is not a thing that has to be appreciable. However, we want that wherever she is now. She is in peace and Happy deep condolence to her household and pals alternatively. There are no such records about her family contributors on the Internet because she used to keep the whole thing I wait but we will let you know if we will get any for the reviews that why she committed suicide and what us



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