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Engineers from Ex-Ola Electric develop innovative battery technology to reduce EV fires in India.


  • Engineers from Ex-Ola Electric develop innovative battery that promises to ensure EV battery fire safety.
  • The new technique employs a fluid to disperse heat throughout the battery pack, as well as enhanced analytics using machine learning.
  • In addition, the new battery technology will have a predictive battery temperature and cell failure mechanism.

Two former Ola Electric workers have proposed a potential solution to the fire-related difficulties that have plagued EVs in India. EMO, a Bangalore-based business created by ex-Ola Electric personnel. They claims to have developed a revolutionary battery technology that can withstand flames while also extending battery life. According to the creators, the new battery technology. Which is due for a patent, has tested under unfavorable circumstances for the past three months to establish its fire safety criteria. Follow stoptechy for more info.

Fires caused by EVs have recently been a major source of worry. EVs of various brands have caught fire due to difficulties that subsequently determined to be caused by the battery. Eight persons killed recently after a short circuit caused a fire at an electric car store in Telangana State.

A fire-resistant EV battery?

EMO, a Bangalore-based EV business formed by Rahul Patel and Sheetanshu Tyagi, may have a solution for battery fires. While the founders previously worked in the Battery Department at Ola Electric. Patel also worked in the Thermal Engineering department at Sun Mobility. While Tyagi engaged in the Design and Manufacturing at Ather Energy.

A unique fluid absorbs and spreads heat throughout the battery pack in their new design. The pair is waiting for their patent on this fluid. This technology is integrated with a Machine Learning (ML)-based Battery Management System (BMS) that considers various cells in the battery, their temperatures, condition, on. EMO also anticipates patents for the pumping mechanism, overall battery architecture, and BMS. EMO’s assertion, on the other hand, has yet to substantiated. Notably, the firm has only tested 30 machines, but it claims to be able to make guarantees.

Engineers from Ex-Ola Electric develop innovative battery

Then we created our own electrical system inside it to distribute heat throughout the bag. So, if one of the cells within the pack begins to heat up. This whole system will go into overdrive, taking the heat from there and distributing it everywhere else,” Tyagi said.

According to Tyagi, most manufacturers employ cheaper cells, and issues such as design flaws and poor quality unavoidably expose the battery packs to fire threats. “The global condition is at a position. Where you wouldn’t even feel it if a cell within the pack caught fire,” Tyagi remarked. You wouldn’t even know if a Tesla cell in their pack is on fire since they’ve built their whole system around it.”

EMOs BMS captures data on voltage, temperature. Electricity experienced by battery cells and integrates it into an IoT system to enable sophisticated analytics. Tyagi adds that their system will able to forecast battery temperatures by conducting operations. On an ML-based model utilizing data points collected.

Engineers from Ex-Ola Electric develop innovative battery

EMO will first focus on two and three-wheeler EV sectors before expanding into four-wheelers and trucks. In the future, the business intends to include quick charging technology onto its batteries. In the future, EMO may function as an independent supplier for OEMs and battery switching companies.

Ola Electric, one of India’s most prominent EV businesses. They had similar difficulties when its Ola S1 Pro scooter caught fire shortly after debut.



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