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DETAILS: S’pore Muay Thai Athlete Punched and Kicked by National Coach, Assault Video CCTV Footage, Health Condition!

In Muay Thai Sports, there has been a big fight recently. Lena Tan and Bryan Tee, two athletes, filed complaints against their team manager, Robert Yap. The complaint sent to the Safe Sports Commission, which set up in 2019 to stop harassment and other bad behavior in sports in Singapore. S’pore Muay Thai Athlete is an athlete who is 35 years old. She says that his team manager unfairly kicked him off the national team for the 2022 games in Hanoi. She also said that the high Federation of Singapore was mean to her and didn’t feel safe. Follow our website for the latest news!!!!!

Video of a Singapore S’pore Muay Thai Athlete getting hurt

The Singapore police have already sent a 3-page long complaint to the commission about this case. They are in a lot of trouble because of this. Recently, she also sent pictures of her bruises to friends through WhatsApp and other messaging services. All of this happened in November 2021, when she had coronavirus and told to stay alone for 14 days to get better. And she wanted to drop out of the championships, which being held in Bangkok in December.

News about the health of a S’pore Muay Thai Athlete from Singapore

She got a lot of flak for dropping out of the competition. But she won the bronze medal at the 2019 games and went to 80% of her training sessions. She is a dedicated athlete who has done great things for her country on the international stage. She is also making a name for herself, but this release uses shocking news for everyone in the sports industry. On February 4, she got an email from the association saying she won’t be going to any championships.

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Based on the last year of training, this decision was made. She shocked by the decision and went straight to the organization to complain. She has also said that his support staff punched and kicked her, and the police have already started looking into this case. All over the world, female athletes face discrimination and abuse, and we should do something about it. We’ll be back with more information about this event, so keep an eye on the website until then.



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