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Delia Ruiz Was Arrested: Why Was the Former Texas Police Officer Delia Ruiz Arrested? Reason, All Charges and Allegations Explained!

In just a few years, it seems like a lot of cases of child crime have come to light, and we hear about a lot of young kids who have gone through a lot. In the last few years, crimes have committed in places. Where we thought kids would be safe. Law enforcement is working hard to keep kids safe. But think about how you’d feel if you found out that Delia Ruiz officer in charge of this case also involved. What a shock, right? As the safety of the people depends on law enforcement, when we find out that they breaking the law, our trust in them breaks into pieces. Follow stoptechy

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Delia Ruiz Arrested

According to the latest news, a former Texas police officer who is involved in serious crimes has arrested. The former Texas officer sentenced to 20 years in prison after she admitted to having a s**ual relationship with two teens. Including a 15-year-old boy, and taking them to a church parking lot. According to her sweet and romantic social media chats, the ex-cop met the boy at his house. She said that he drove the younger schoolboy to the church parking lot where they had s*x and talked about how his high school doing.

Why former Texas police officer Delia Ruiz arrested? Reason

The suspect is called Delia Ruiz, she is 31 years old. According to court documents, Delia “doing her job with the Friona Police Department” at the time of the crimes. Which happened before she had warned through X-rated naked pictures. According to reports, she started dating the first boy in November 2020, when he only 16 years old, and they got back together in the spring of 2021. The suspect acknowledged and admitted that she used her cell phone and the internet to find out who her victims were and that they under the age of eighteen before she tried to get them to do things.

Delia Ruiz All Charges and Claims

According to the papers given to the court, the suspect was between 30 and 31 years old. And the victim was only 15 years old when the first crime happened. At the time of the incident, Delia was working for the Friona Police Department. She lives in Hereford, which is in Texas. She admits to her crime and agrees that she intentionally led, persuaded, pushed. And enticed a teen to engage in serious s**ual behavior. In her plea papers, the suspect admitted that she had a physical relationship with John Doe 2. A 16-year-old victim, in the year 2020 and that they continued to have a physical relationship throughout the year 2021.



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