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How did Dax Tejera die? The head of “This Week” on ABC News has died at the age of 37

Sad news is coming out about the death of Dax Tajera, who was an executive producer at ABC. He died at the age of 37. The news of his sudden death is all over the internet and getting way too much attention. His death took place on Friday, December 23, 2022.

The president of ABC News, Kim Goodwin, tells everyone with great sadness and a big heart that he passed away on Friday night. In this article, we will talk about some facts about his death and also talk about what killed him. Follow stoptechy for more info.

How did Dax Tejera die?

He died on Friday, according to a memo sent to staff by ABC News. A heart attack is being blamed for his death. He was a veteran TV news producer for both ABC and NBC News. Just a few days before the COVID-19 pandemic broke out around the world, he hosted a show on Sunday with George Stephanopoulos, Jonathan Karl, and Martha Raddatz. In February 2020, Stephanopoulos’ show in Washington, D.C., promoted him to executive producer. The sources don’t say much about what caused his death.

Who was Dax Tejera?

His wife, Veronica, and his two young daughters were the only ones who knew him after he died. He had been a researcher, an editor, and then a producer at NBC for five years.

Reason of Dax Tejera die

Tejera started working for ABC News in 2017 and was named executive producer of “This Week” at the age of 35. He went to Dartmouth and has worked at NBC and Fusion Media Network.

Rachel Scott of ABC News wrote on Saturday that “This Week” co-host Jonathan Karl said that Dax loved his family and his job. His death “shocked and hurt us.” 



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