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CHECK OUT the Colegio Mayor Elias Ahuja VIRAL VIDEO

Colegio Mayor Elias Ahuja VIRAL VIDEO have sent from the men students of Madrid’s Elas Ahuja college to their female counterparts at Santa Mónica. Who subjected to macho yelling the previous Sunday. A joke with poor taste has gone too far. While the letter acknowledges that remorse alone is insufficient. It insists that it is an essential first step for the school’s female pupils. Follow stoptechy for more info.

The Ahuja collegiate council approved the document, and the Order of Saint Augustine, which oversees both institutions, has circulated it. They’ve in the eye of the storm for the past week thanks to a viral video. In which a young man allegedly yelled at the students of the school across the street.

Colegio Mayor Elias Ahuja VIRAL VIDEO

Bitches, emerge from your burrows like rabbits; you nymphomaniac whores are going to fuck in the capea, I swear it! Ahuja, hurry up! At that very moment, scores of young men started yelling and banging on the blinds.

Santa Monica high school students warned about a dangerous place called “the Farm,” and now that place has rejected by thousands of individuals on social media and in the political establishment. They have all criticised it, from the Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez to the head of the PP, Alberto Nez Feijóo.

Affective-s#ual education has been highlighted by Minister for Equality Irene Montero. Prosecutors in Madrid are looking into the incident to see whether it meets the criteria for a hate crime. Elas Ahuja is enrolled at the Complutense University of Madrid.

Which has launched a “informative file” that may result in punishments such as expulsion for its students (but not for those enrolled at other institutions).

Watch Colegio Mayor Elias Ahuja VIRAL VIDEO

The men’s college administration said in a statement last week. Its students will apologise in writing to their Santa Monica University counterparts. Students’ representative group at Ahuja College writes to them:

“We would want to offer our sorrow for our acts. Especially to your management and the employees who work at your institution. In addition to our university, which is a very significant establishment.

Please know how much we appreciate your support. The fact that you cared enough about the link between our institutions to want to make it known. The letter states, “We do not want to damage the relationship and trust.

Know all details about Colegio Mayor Elias Ahuja VIRAL VIDEO

We have enjoyed for so many years” in response to recent public remarks made by students at that same school. In which they excused the incident as a tradition. Many have said they were not upset by the events. Insisting that they must be seen “in the context” of their time and place.



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