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Checkout Microsoft Windows 11 2022 Update and how to download

Microsoft Windows 11 2022 Update rolled out in over 190 countries. It bringing with it features such as systemwide live captioning, voice access to manage PCs with your voice, and Smart App control for increased security. Follow stoptechy for more information.

Microsoft has begun distributing the next major version of Windows 11, version 11. The Windows 11 2022 Update includes changes to the Start menu and File Explorer window tabs. The upgrade also includes new features such as systemwide live captioning, voice access to operate PCs with your voice. Smart App control to increase security. Microsoft announced via blog that the Windows 11 2022 Update is out in 190+ countries.

How to download?

Windows 11 laptop and desktop users may upgrade their devices by accessing the Windows Update settings page. To do so

  • Select Settings
  • Press Windows Update
  • Select “Check for updates” here.
  • If the update is available for your device, you may choose to instantly download it, stop the update, or modify the time it downloads.

What’s New in the Microsoft Windows 11 2022 Update?

According to Microsoft, the Windows 11 2022 version includes changes to the Start menu. Quicker and more precise search, Quick Settings, enhanced local and current events coverage in the Widgets board, and your most-requested feature, tabs in File Explorer. The upgrade now includes system-wide live captions that create automatically from any audio material on Windows 11. It also has voice access, allowing users to manage their computer and compose text using just their voice. There is also a Genuine Voices for Narrator option that more closely resembles natural speech. They producing more pleasant-sounding audio for reading and online surfing.

The update also improves touch navigation and adds the option to snap multiple browser tabs in Microsoft Edge. Making Snap layouts more customizable. Additionally, Microsoft is adding Focus sessions and Do Not Disturb to assist users in minimizing interruptions. It also provides new video and audio calling capabilities to Windows Studio Effects4. A new creation tools, extra gaming features, and upgrades to the Microsoft Store experience.

Checkput Microsoft Windows 11 2022 Update

Smart App Control is a new feature included in the Windows 11 2022 update that worthy of note. The program prevents Windows 11 from executing untrusted or unsigned apps, script files, and harmful macros. It said to use the same artificial intelligence as Windows Defender Application Control. In addition, it can forecast an application’s safety in real-time before it starts on your device.



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