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Checkout Giovanni Quintella Bezerra’s Video Went Viral On Social Media.

Giovanni Quintella Bezerra’s Video At the time. He 32 years old. He got his medical degree from Centro Universit├írio de Volta Redonda (UniFOA). Which is in the state of Sul Fluminense, in 2017. In the first few days of April, he got his specialisation in anaesthesia.

The So Joo de Meriti Police Station for Helping Women in Baixada Fluminense. Giovanni Quintella Bezerra in the act on Monday. The police station was in charge of getting a video of what happened.

Giovanni Quintella Bezerra is an anesthetist.

Giovanni Quintella Bezerra, the anesthesiologist who arrested for raping a pregnant patient during a caesarean section. Thought to have worked at at least 10 different public and private hospitals over the course of his career.

The person in jail for a crime is 32 years old. He got his medical degree from Centro Universitário de Volta Redonda (UniFOA). Which is in the state of Sul Fluminense, in 2017. In the first few days of April, he got his specialisation in anaesthesia.

On the other hand, the strange things the doctor did made. The women who worked at the Hospital da Mulher Heloneida Studart in Vilar dos Teles worry. They started to wonder what the anesthesiologist doing behind the sheet. That separating the team and how much sedative he was giving.

Watch Giovanni Quintella Bezerra’s Video

The doctor shocked to find out that he caught on camera hurting the patient. He was even more shocked when he got a voicemail from Representative Barbara Lomba telling him to turn himself in. Giovanni charged with the felony of raping a weak person. Which could put him in jail for 8 to 15 years if he found guilty.

Cremerj told by the hospital’s administration that there would an investigation inside the building.

Giovanni Quintella Bezerra,anesthetist Women who are pregnant and abuse their bodies in a way.

Giovanni Quintella Bezerra, 32, arrested on suspicion of rape after he said to have abused a woman on film at the Hospital da Mulher in So Joo de Meriti, Rio de Janeiro. The thing that happened caught on tape. The same place as before was where the event took place.

According to the Brazilian news site Globo, when his employees saw how much medicine he was giving to his patients, they started to worry.

Bezerra reportedly had two more surgeries on Sunday, but it was hard for his worried doctors to set up a hidden camera to record what he did during those procedures. They worried that one of the patients might hurt themselves.

Because of how quickly and well the crew changed the operating room, the patient was able to have his third procedure of the day, which was to put a hidden camera in his body.

The disturbing video showed the anesthesiologist putting his penis into the mouth of the unconscious patient.

Giovanni Quintella Bezerra Charged brutal Abuse

There is investigation going on, and the police are looking for any more anaesthetists who may have hurt. Bezerra was on the other side of the surgical sheet and less than a metre away from his coworkers when he tortured the patient for almost ten minutes.

The president of Cremerj, Clovis Bersot Munhoz, gave a speech in which he talked about how crazy the terrible situation was.

The Health Foundation of the State of Rio de Janeiro and the Secretary of State for Health sent out the following notice: We tell you that an internal investigation will done so that administrative steps can be taken.

The staff at Hospital da Mulher, where the victim treated, are giving the victim and her family their full support.



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