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Video of Ceaser Emanuel abusing a dog went viral on Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube, and the Black Ink Crew star was fired.

Good evening, everyone! As a black ink crew, we have some shocking and controversial news. The Internet is buzzing about Ceaser Emanuel because he fired after a video showed him hitting his dog with a chair. He on the popular reality TV show Black Ink Crew in the United States. The video is rude and has hurt the feelings of a lot of people. The show is one of the ones that has been on VH1 the longest. Ceaser Emanuel dog abusing video. But now that the video is all over the Internet, everyone is shocked. Follow STOPTECHY for the latest news!!!!!

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Ceaser Emanuel Dog Abusing Video

In the video, he can hit his dog several times with the folding chair. He is always staring at the dog, locked up in a cage. Later, the D streaming channel said they had decided to stop all of their shows. We’ve decided to hire someone else for the next season, and if some of the women in Utah bring a case against him, he could be in a lot of trouble. He said many times that he liked dogs and would protect the ones that lived near his house.

But he was mean to the dogs, so they beat him up. We don’t know anything about the animal’s health yet, but we are still waiting for confirmation and stories. He has many parts; this is the first time he’s done something like this. The video is very offensive, so we wouldn’t suggest you watch it. Fans are embarrassed and have giving him a lot of bad feedback and treating him badly even though many people say that the video is a fake.

We recently saw a video of famous West Ham United football player Kurt Zouma hitting and kicking the crap out of his cat. He is also going to have to deal with some really bad things. This has done to ruin the reputation. Many users want him to go to prison, but he just got fired from the TV show. We don’t know much about his family because he isn’t on YouTube, but we will be back soon with more news and stories from all over the world, so stay tuned to our website until then.



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