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CABO FIGHT VIDEO viral on twitter and reddit

Shanquella Robinson CABO FIGHT VIDEO, a lady from the United States, died unexpectedly in Mexico on a trip with her pals. According to accounts, the lady on vacation the day before her death reported. Robinson, who was away from her family, discussed her last day with her mother. More information can found at

Cabo Fight Filming

And for many, the demise was extremely mysterious. Reports provided thereafter, and the cause of death also discovered subsequently. Robinson died in a bizarre manner without any sign of injury. Let us learn more about this case and also see one of the videos depicting her abused. Robinson was a 25-year-old lady who died in Mexico while on vacation with her companions.

Her death was a mystery, and she was from the United States. Robinson’s family informed of her passing after she was pronounced dead and discovered in her living room. There were several questions surrounding her demise. Robinson, who was on vacation, spoke with her mother the day before she passed away. Salamander Robinson. The mother of Sanquella Robinson stated that she was notified.

Video: Cabo Girl Fight

After some time, her daughter passed away. Salamander adds that she disagrees with the claims made by her daughter’s pals and has launched a lawsuit. Robinson’s parents, Salamdnor and Bernard, not happy with the claims made by her companions. According to one account, Robinson died from alcohol poisoning, although this is not accurate. As Robinson’s parents reported to the FBI,

A complaint was filed. According to the post-autopsy studies, Robinson’s lumbar vertebrae, which are the initial vertebrae of her spinal cord, had many fractures, and she may have died as a result. The time of Robinson’s passing was 3 p.m., and the arrival of the medical personnel was around 15 minutes later. Despite the CPR administered, Robinson died at the site.

A girl killed in a hotel in Mexico.

Now, a video of Robinson fighting with a lady is going viral on the internet. There are videos of her on Twitter in which she is half-naked and battling with a woman who is allegedly assaulting her. The lady in the video defeated Robinson and brutally beat her. People who seeing the violence also recorded it, and the footage posted online. The footage revealed that the recorders were themselves.

The video showed her companions applauding for the lady who defeated Robinson and urging her to fight back. One of Robinson’s male buddies even urged Robinson to fight back. Salamander said that she does not trust her daughter’s friends and will be at peace once she learns the whole truth regarding her daughter’s death. Robinson’s 25th birthday celebrated by her pals.


And she was in the villa at the time of her passing. The demise of Robinson included in the report, which also puzzling. Robinson’s father stated that they want justice for his daughter. In addition, they stated that Robinson’s corpse ultimately brought to their village after a lengthy procedure and a cost of almost $6,000. They also disclosed that Robinson’s other companions were returning to their homes, but their daughter never returned alive.



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