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Cable Morbi Bridge Collapse video The event is disclosed in a viral video and CCTV footage

Nobody could have predicted that their faces would come into touch with such an incident again over the Christmas season. On the other hand, a horrific and distressing film is shaking untold numbers of individuals. As it circulates on social networking sites. Yes, you read it accurately. A recent Cable Morbi Bridge Collapse video from Gujarat’s Morbi Bridge stunned many people. More than 150 people were heading over the British-era bridge when it collapsed, and they all plummeted into the river. As a result, around 140 people have perished, and several more have wounded. Follow stoptechy for more info.

Cable Morbi Bridge Collapse video

According to confidential information or sources, more than 140 individuals have lost their lives. Several more have gravely wounded due to the horrific scratches the bridge material has left on their bodies. The horrific footage shows them trying to leap from the bridge into the river to save their lives. But things did not go as planned. As the bridge proceeded to crumble and plunge into the lake due to the badly broken wires. As a result, after rescued by the police, they are first cared for by medical personnel before brought to the medical institution.

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Video of the Cable Morbi Bridge collapsing

As shown in a horrifying CCTV video, people can be seen leaping and fleeing on the rope bridge. As it violently sways before collapsing. When the screams reverberated across the neighborhood and local neighbors became aware of the tragedy. They notified the rescue team, who arrived and began the rescue attempt while retrieving the victims from the river.

Even though they had seized control of the whole region and barred anybody from entering. Since it may be deadly for everyone, they could not rescue the 140 individuals who died.

Previously, a startling new video of the bridge appeared. Showing a few youngsters reportedly kicking the wires furiously and causing the bridge to wobble. Because these lads may have the principal cause of the disaster by causing the cables to break. Many people are begging authorities to take action against those involved.



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