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BTS: Christmas Tree by V, Kim Taehyung, has a better vocal line than Stay Alive by Jungkook. [See What People Said]

We asked you a few days ago which BTS member’s solo track you liked the most and would like to listen to repeatedly. On the list were the songs “Yours” by Jin, “Stay Alive” by Jungkook, “That That” by SUGA and PSY, “With You” by Jimin, and “Christmas Tree” by V. Now, each of these songs is a gem on its own. They have broken records on Shazam, iTunes, Spotify, and other music sites. In fact, With You by Jimin was higher on the iTunes chart than Dynamite. For reading Best World News Click Here.

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The BTS boys have been going out and singing OSTs, which has made ARMY very happy. Because of these OSTs, they have gained new fans, especially among people who only watch K-dramas. The song Christmas Tree by Kim Taehyung, also known as BTS V, has the most votes. About 41% of the people who voted have chosen the number. The song comes from the popular Korean drama Our Beloved Summer. Choi woo-sik, Kim Taehyung’s best friend, and Kim Da-mi are the show’s main couple. Nam Hye Seung and Kim Kyung Hee wrote the music and words to the song. In Southeast Asia, the song has been on the charts.

Stay Alive by Jungkook is the second song. It was written by SUGA and El Capitan, who have worked together for a long time. It is the OST for 7 Fates: Chakho. The song was written by SUGA, Jungkook, El Capitan, Shin Won Park, Gabriel Brandes, Louise Frick Sveen, Maria Marcus, Max Graham, and Matt Thompson.

BTS V 'Kim Taehyung' Trends #1 Worldwide on Twitter With This Look! -  OtakuKart

That That, written by SUGA and PSY, comes in third. It has been seen more than 100 million times on YouTube. That is the party song for the summer. Kim Taehyung has sung songs for Itaewon Class, Hwarang, and now Our Beloved Summer, some of the most popular OSTs for BTS. The vocalists of BTS are in high demand, and their success is clear.

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