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Brother Keepers Gang and Whistler Shooting Video Viral

BROTHERS KEEPERS GANG and Whistler Shooting Video. The mobster from the Brother’s Keeper and his companion just murdered in Whistler. It had been a major catastrophe that had sparked outrage. It featured in the day’s news highlights. According to reports, Meninder Dhaliwal and another person killed on Sunday afternoon in the resort’s neighbourhood. Stoptechy has more updates.

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Video of the Whistler Shooting

Following the shooting event in Whistler on Sunday, a large number of arrests made. As a result of the targeted shooting. A mobster from Brother Keeper involved in the shooting. It happened last year in Vancouver’s Coal Harbor.

The shooting took place near the Sundial Hotel. Which is located in the heart of Whistler Village. Meninder Dhaliwal, a 29-year-old BK member who had a friend named Satindera Gill. Who not even associated with any gang, ended up becoming the shooter.

Whistler Shooting Video Viral

The Brothers Keepers gang shot

Meninder died at the site, while Satinder died while transported to the local health clinic for treatment. In 2021, Meninder’s older brother Harb also murdered in Coal Harbor.

The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team conducted an investigation, which confirmed the killing and said that the shooting was related to the gang warfare that was taking place at the time.

As a consequence of the dynamic reaction and swift evidence gathering by officers, Sea-to-Sky RCMP were able to identify and detain numerous individuals, said Sgt. Timothy. It was also stated that a burned-out car discovered in the 3300 block of Pitarmigan Place, which is linked to the killings.

Whistler Shooting Video Viral

The footage showed torrents of blood gushing as the bodies of the deceased discovered on the floor. That footage began to circulate immediately after the event occurred. There additional footage of the car hauled over by police near Squamish.

Scott, a Fanatyk Co. ski and cycle employee, stated that he was standing outside the shop when he heard gunshots about midday. “It was like 10 rounds, rapid-fire,” he said. I’ve been in Kelowna for 30 years and have heard gunfire previously. ” A 10-year-old boy walked into the business and told them about the shooting, but he refused to come inside when asked.

The situation quite horrific, and the police were looking into it. They had made a number of arrests in connection with the incident. All of which reportedly linked to the people who directly engaged.



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