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BRITT BARBIE mall brawl video becoming popular on twitter

Fighting videos are now popular on social media and get an excessive amount of attention after going viral. We humans like witnessing other people’s tragedies and conflicts, which led to the rapid rise of fighting videos on social media. People are spreading a BRITT BARBIE mall brawl video on social media, and those who haven’t seen it are searching for the URL to see it. The popular video also depicts how the influencer might be observing and striving to stand up. Follow stoptechy for more info.

Britt Barbie Fight Video

Numerous keywords used to discover the video. But “Britt Barbie Fight Video” is the one is most commonly utilised. Let’s study more about it and uncover who the video is tied to. According to the article, Britt Barbie is the name of a well-known Tiktoker whose name is tied with video. According to sources, the combat video of Britt is presently amusingly ridiculed online. The most current information, Britt Barbie attacked in the Missouri Mid River Mall, as shown in a video released on Twitter.

In the footage, she seen receiving a punch unnamed lady and tumbling to the ground. This video shared on Twitter, where it immediately acquired popularity and moved to other social networking platforms. Now, people are chatting and exhibiting interest in it online. Different people’s comments to this video shared, and some people thought it humorous. A Twitter user called @faitheartsuuu reportedly tweeted a video of a Britt Barbie pair filmed at a shopping centre.

BRITT BARBIE mall brawl video

In the iconic video, an unnamed guy approaches the internet star to confront him. Due of the unclear audio. It remains uncertain what the guy said to the influencer. The two then proceeded to pass Britt Barbie while strolling. Even yet, it seemed as if Britt wanted to reply to the man’s comment. The social media influencer became close with the pair afterwards. The influence knocked to the ground by an unexpected fist after struck hard by the layers within a few seconds.

BRITT BARBIE mall brawl video

Nevertheless, once her feet slid and she fell again, she was unable to rise. It looks that Britt’s attempt to intercede with the pair by raising her hands was unsuccessful. People want to know precisely what happened and why an anonymous person struck her. Furthermore, the situation’s violent turn not triggered by the real events. While some individuals feel sympathy for social media influencers, others find it amusing.



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