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Bride lap dance video front of guest has gone viral on Twitter and Reddit.

Bride lap dance video front of guest viral. Without a doubt, everyone wants their wedding to be memorable and special. To reach the same goal, the couple and their families do everything they can to make the best plans.

But sometimes, couples go a step further to do this, and sometimes, it doesn’t work. Let’s talk about a wedding reception that is getting a lot of attention on the Internet, but not for the right reasons. At this wedding, the bride danced in front of all the guests in a dress with no back. Follow stoptechy

Reports say that the problem started in Florida, where a couple was having their wedding party. Everyone was sitting quietly, and some people were enjoying the drinks or snacks that were available.

Right away, a dance show starts that blows everyone’s mind. You must be wondering what makes this performance stand out. Also, let us tell you that the bride is dancing in the act, but she is wearing a dress with no back.

You did read it correctly. The video clip of the event is getting a lot of attention on social media sites.

In the clip, a group of dancers move to the beat of a song until the bride shows up in a dress with no back.

She starts swinging and dancing in front of all the guests and people at the party in an inappropriate way.

When she starts dancing on her husband’s lap, everyone shocked by performance. People can see the bride grinning on her thighs and moving in an unattractive way. Now that everyone knows about this, they’re talking about it on social media.

Bride lap dance video front of guest

Reports say that the bride’s name is Rochelle and that the groom was surprised to see anyone dancing. The bride used different tricks in the reception hall to try to surprise her future husband.

The full dance of the bride then done by a guest. Someone made a video and put it on social media. The bride made fun of in the video.

So far, more than 3 million people have watched this video. It goes without saying that the whole thing has gotten a lot of attention and become a hot topic in no time. Keep checking our site for more news.



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