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Brendan Langley fight video with an airline employee went viral

United Airlines employees, according to recent reports, have posted alarming videos and news. An incident happened last weekend at Newark Airport in the United States, and the whole encounter captured on video, including the NFL player involved. An airline employee called TMZ featured prominently on the video that went viral when the NFL players started fighting on the field. Video shows a uniformed individual striking Langley in the face with a strong blow.” While shouting obscenities at the place,Brendan Langley then punched him. Use the for the most recent information.

Brendan Langley’s Fight Video.

Brendan Langley rushed him to the floor, where he lay still on the blood-strewn floor, bleeding profusely. Worker’s legs were on the ground when they approached the footballer. To see how rude he was towards him, watch the video. His cries for them to cease assaulting him drowned out by Langley’s ranting. In the background, a lot of fighting was going on. The Calgary Stampeders’ Canadian wide receiver Langley, who arrested for the assault, is still being investigated by authorities.

Video of Brendan Langley’s brawl with an airline employee has been widely shared online.

There are conflicting reports on who threw the initial punch, based on the footage. Until yet, the airline employee hasn’t arrested. However, another video gone viral, saying that Langley the first to deliver the punch, which has since been seen thousands of times. Instead of spending $5, everyone now thinks Langley rented a wheelchair to transport his things.

Brendan Langley’s biographical information may found on his website and in his encyclopedia.

His Twitter account hijacked by Brendan Langley, who claimed he had attacked him. On top of all that, he was trying to blame United personnel for what had happened since this was the worst of their conduct. As long as you’ve allowed violence at the airport, you must speak out and do something about it.



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