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Betty Kyalo video went viral and became popular on social media

A supposed video of a Kenyan media personality that went viral on the internet has put that person in the news. The video is of a Kenyan media star named Betty Kyallo, according to the sources. Kyallo is well-known in Kenya because she has been in the news and has also been in trouble before. Reports say that this video quickly went viral on the internet, and after it was shared online, many people made fun of Betty for the video and criticised her as well. Follow stoptechy for more info.

What happend in this video?

Even though the video is available online for free, stay tuned for more information about this well-known media figure Betty Kyallo’s online video. Before her video went viral, Betty already well-known in Kenya. People know Betty because of how brave she is and how she faces challenges. She is well-known to the public. Most people think of her as a famous TV star who rose to fame on the Kenya TV network.

Betty Kyalo video

She started out as an intern there and later became the news anchor for the 9 pm news. She also started working for K24 News. Before that, she talked to and asked questions of famous people on the Kenya TV Network. In 2021, she quit TV and opened a hair salon called BK Salons. In 2022, even though her salon is still open, she got a job on the show max show.



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