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What cause of Barry Ronge death, and what killed him? A 74-year-old South African journalist died.

What cause of Barry Ronge death, and what killed him? 74-year-old South African journalist dies: Barry Ronge, a columnist, arts journalist, and South African film critic, died on July 3, 2022, at the age of 74. This news makes us very sad, and we say it with a heavy heart. Albertus confirms on July 3 that he has died. His death shocked a lot of people, and now people are talking about it and paying tribute to him on social media. If you don’t know about this person with many skills, we’ll tell you about his life, why he died, his family, and other personal details in the next section. Check stoptechy.com for more news.

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Who was Barry Ronge?

Born in Hillbrow, Johannesburg, in 1948, he grew up in West Rand. He went to Florida Park High School for high school and finished his degree at the University of the Witwatersrand. He began his career as a teacher at the same university from which he graduated. But he changed careers and became an art journalist. He told the title of his best Spit & Polish column in the Sunday Times. He also had a radio show called “702 radio,” which he hosted for 27 years. His last column was published on February 23, 2014.

Barry Ronge’s Net Worth

As we said above, his job is in the media, where he makes a lot of money. His exact net worth isn’t on the Internet, but we estimated it by looking at his past bank records and found that it was around $2 million per year. He also made a lot of money online by teaching students online and on other apps. He also gave many donations to students who needed money. This shows that he was kind and loved helping people who were in need.

Barry Ronge death

He died on July 3, 2022, in the arms of his wife’s husband, Albertus van Dyk. His family hasn’t said anything about why he died yet, so we’re waiting for them to say something. If we assume he was in his 70s and had a disease that killed him, we could say he was in his 70s. His wife and children are sad, and people are posting about his death all over social media. Famous people are also paying tribute to him, and his friends and family are in a lot of pain because of it.



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