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Austin Waffle House Fight employee video goes viral.

When a fight broke out at a Waffle House in Austin, Texas, a worker miraculously caught a chair. Her moves, which looked like those of a superhero, went viral and wowed the internet. See Austin Waffle House Fight Video Goes Viral.

Waka Joy Valencia video 

Today’s viral video takes us to a Waffle House in Austin, Texas, where a new, very angry fight has broken out.

Social media was full of talk about a fight between customers and staff that ended with a chair being thrown at a worker.

Watch as an Austin Waffle House employee gets into a fight that goes viral.

After her fight with a customer, the unnamed worker became known as “Waffle House Girl,” and people on the internet said she won the “fight.”

The video, which has been watched at least four million times on Twitter, shows the fight between a group of customers and a different woman worker.

The next thing you know, a customer is sitting on the counter, and the now-famous worker throws a glass container filled with what looks like flour or sugar out into the crowd. When the container hit a bar stool, luckily, the customer wasn’t hurt.

Then things start to get worse. A second woman joins her friend at the counter and swings something at the chef in a uniform, but she eventually falls to the floor of the kitchen.

The customer, who is now defenceless against the staff, gets hit hard by the viral blonde cook, whose MMA moves have been praised by fans.

The most amazing part is when Waffle House Girl easily avoids a hard hit from a chair. She catches the white chair with one hand and throws it next to her. It’s almost as if she knew it was going to happen.

Video of the Waffle House Girl Goes Viral

After going viral, Waffle House Girl may be on to something, whether it’s becoming Dana White’s next big star or an internet sensation. No matter what she does next, she can make a little money from Cameo movies in which she catches chairs.

“The punch combo, the chair stop, winning a 6 vs. 1 match, the double middle fingers as the losers walk out,” someone in the crowd cheered. There’s NO SHAME! The best fight ever at Waffle House, and MVP will always win.

Another user wrote, “I don’t want to smoke at Waffle House with that white woman.”

Another fan called the fight the “global coronation of a new superhero: “Waffle House Girl.”



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