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Ather electric scooter was seen being tested.

Spy photos of a new EV from Ather Energy suggest that the company may be working on a cheaper electric scooter. The Indian EV startup’s new electric scooter might have a smaller battery pack to keep costs down. Ather just released the Gen 3 Ather 450X electric scooter. Which is better in many ways, and the company has a good sales report for August 2022.

After the Ola S1 electric scooter came out, Ather might think about making an electric scooter that is easier to get. The company has also gotten a new round of funding, and it wants to grow its range of products because it might be able to make more of them.

This electric scooter is cheap.

Spy photos of a new Ather e-scooter have been found. It is thought that the company may be making an electric scooter that is easier to use. The price of this new scooter could be kept down by using a smaller battery pack. But this could mean that the device has less range and maybe even less power.

Ather will probably still have features like a touch-screen MID, a navigation system, connected vehicle features, and so on.

Manufacturers are also moving toward cheaper models because the cost of making things has gone up a lot in recent years. Which makes the sticker price go up for customers. This price hike could make people less likely to buy electric vehicles. Also, smart states are getting rid of EV subsidies, starting with Maharashtra and Goa. The subsidy for FAME II, which runs out on March 31, 2024, is also not likely to be extended.

Instead, the government will likely push for EV-friendly infrastructure like charging stations. This would mean that a shorter range wouldn’t be a big deal in the near future.



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