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Archie Battersby is alive or died? What Went On With Him? Reasons Why Rumors of Death Are a Hoax!

There is a news from London a boy on life support will no longer kept alive. The parents shocked, and they want the government to keep doing what it’s doing. We’re here to talk about Archie Battersby, who is now 12 years old and is on a life support system. He got brain damage in early April and is getting treatment at the hospital. The government has decided to turn off the life support, but his parents don’t agree. Tell us more about what happened and why the London Court said what it did. In a statement, Britain’s court said that Archie’s life support system should turned off. Because brain dead and that he should be taken off the ventilator. Follow our website stoptechy for the latest news!!!!

Who was Archie Battersby?

The boy is at the East London Hospital. The boy is only 2, and his parents say that even though his brain isn’t working, his heart is still beating, so they want to treat him. Aside from that, High Court Arbuthnot said that he thinks the doctors should stop treating the boy because his brain stem is already dead. The boy died in the afternoon of May 31, 2022. He needs to taken off the breathing machine. Even so, Archie’s mother said she was heartbroken by the court’s decision and that the family would ask the court to change the boy’s treatment. On the other hand, Attorney Archie’s parents told High Court Arbuthnot that they should think again about what is best for the children, especially Archie.

Archie Battersby still alive or did he die?

They should think of what is best for Archie. The court said that the boy fell in early April and was dead in May. Even so, the boy not woken up since the accident, even though he has been treated. While Archie’s mother’s lawyer said that the boy’s heart is still beating, which means he is still alive and that the hospital should keep treating him. Archie’s mother also said that her son once held her hand, and she said that the court’s decision has left her heartbroken. She said, “The verdict has left me in tears.”

Archie Battersby’s Death and Funeral

An MRI scan isn’t enough to say he’s dead. She said that this is the first time that an MRI scan has used to say that someone is dead. The young boy was about to do a performance on TikTok, but he choked himself with his shoelace, fell, hit his head, and passed out. The accident happened on April 7, 2022, and he has been in a coma ever since. After got hit in the head, he laid down until his parents came home and found him still. He taken to the hospital after that, and the rest is history. Even though Archie’s parents tried to stop it, the court passed the statement.



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