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Apple release iOS 16.1.1 update to fix Wi-Fi bug, ad-related issues

Recently, Apple release iOS 16.1.1 update to fix Wi-Fi bug. According to iPhone users. This version included several enhancements and bug fixes. After updating their iPhones, Apple consumers have expressed dissatisfaction with Wi-Fi connections. Moreover, marketers apparently had difficulty understanding the specifics of the advertisements they submitted. According to a rumour, Apple is now developing an iOS 16.1.1 update to address these concerns. Follow stoptechy for more info.

According to a source, there are several complaints on Twitter and Reddit that iOS 16.1 causes iPhones to lose Wi-Fi connectivity. Some iPhone owners said that their Wi-Fi unplugged while their devices were in sleep mode. Furthermore, several of them claimed that resetting all network settings on their iPhones was impossible.

The Cupertino-based business launched iOS 16.1 and SKAdNetwork 4.0 last month. This enables marketers to get extensive information about performance. This allowed marketers to analyse the effectiveness of their advertising based on the number of app instals resulting from certain ad campaigns.

Apple release iOS 16.1.1 update to fix Wi-Fi bug

Now, it has claimed that the company’s status page indicates fresh information on these difficulties. According to reports, the American tech giant is working on an upgrade to address the problem with its advertising platform, SKAdNetwork.

The website indicates that the problem started on November 3 and is “ongoing” and has impacted some users. The business said, “There is a problem affecting SKAdNetwork for iOS 16.1 customers.” “We are working on a software upgrade to immediately fix this problem.”

In the meanwhile, it has claimed that Apple’s iOS 16.2 beta is presently being rolled out over the globe. A limited number of iPhones in India can now connect to 5G networks.

In India, the iPhone 12, iPhone 13, iPhone 14 series, and iPhone SE 2 are currently compatible with the 5G network. Notably, every iPhone user cannot utilise 5G until Apple releases the final version of the beta software. In addition, the update obtained from the Cupertino Corporation is a beta release for developers. This implies that Apple-registered developers would only permitted to test 5G for evaluation reasons.



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