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Apex Legends Mobile is now available on Android and iOS. Here’s how to install it, what you need, and more.

The popular PC game Apex Legends, a battle royale shooting game. Now you can play on Android and iOS smartphones in a new way. The beta testing for Apex Legends Mobile had been going on for months. Players will finally be able to play the game on their phones today. People who signed up early for Apex Legends on Android and iOS will also get special rewards in the game. The Bloodhound banner frame, the Bloodhound banner pose, the Founder’s badge, an R99 Epic skin, etc.

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How to get Apex Legends Mobile and what systems it needs

On Android, players can find Apex Legends Mobile by going to the Google Play Store and searching for it. Keep in mind there is only one official game it is sold by EA (Electronic Arts).

Apex Legends Mobile only works on phones with at least 2GB RAM, 4GB storage, and a chipset that is the same or better than the Snapdragon 435, Hisilicon Kirin 650, Mediatek Helio P20, or Exynos 7420.

In the same way, Apex Legends can found on iOS in the App Store. The game will be available on phones with the Apple A9 chipset or higher and iOS 11 or higher.

Apex Legends Mobile - Apps on Google Play

What’s new in Apex Legends for Mobile?

The game gets a new Legend named Fade, thats only play on mobile devices. Like the other characters in the game, Fade has unique skills. Thanks to his new passive ability, Slipstream, Fade gets a speed boost at the end of a slide. His tactical ability, Flashback, lets him teleport to a place he was in the past. Fade’s ultimate ability is called “Phase Chamber.” It lets the character throw an explosive core that temporarily stops anyone in the area from doing or taking damage. Fade is unlock onTier 25.

In Arena mode, the game has a new Overflow map and new weapons like the heatshield, the 30-30 marksman rifle, and the 4x-10x thermal imaging optic scope. There are also other parts, such as team-fill, which adds a new player automatically to the team in Team Deathmatch mode.

Apex Legends’ battle pass will work like the battle passes in Battlegrounds Mobile India and Call of Duty: Mobile, which gives players extra rewards like skins and emotes for completing daily missions.

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