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ADMS Boxer, an electric bike that looks like a Hero Splendor, has been unveiled. It is said to have a range of 140km.

At the third Green Vehicle Expo in Bengaluru, Karnataka, ADMS E-Bikes showed off the ADMS Boxer electric bike. This new bike powered by an electric motor and looks like the Hero Splendor. It said to be able to go 140 km on a single charge. Commuters who want to save money on gas can choose this car when it comes out.

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ADMS E-Bikes already has vehicles like the ADMS EVA, ADMS TTX, and ADMS ETG scooters in its lineup. The ADMS M3 and the ADMS E-Bullet are two of the company’s electric bikes. More updates may found at stoptechy.com

ADMS Boxer: Splendor, the electric hero

At the 3rd Green Vehicle Expo, held in Bangalore, ADMS showed off the ADMS Boxer electric bike. The car very similar to the Hero Splendor and looks like it made with an electric kit. For starters, the space for the engine taken up by a stylish box that holds the powertrain parts. This makes the bike look like it has a fake fairing. But it looks like the tank, and the plastic cover at the base of the passenger seat came from a different bike.

From the rider’s point of view, the instrumentation looks the same, except that a battery level indicator has replaced the fuel gauge. The handlebar is also slightly different in shape and has a matte black finish. Inside the dials, the pictures changed. Where the fuel filler cap used to be is now where the charging port is. Since there don’t seem to be any holes in the middle.

The vehicle will have a lithium-ion battery pack and a motor built into the wheel hub. A single charge gives the car a range of about 140 km. It’s also likely that the Boxer will have riding modes and a model that helps you go backward. But there has been no sign of when it will come out, its full specs, or how much it will cost.



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