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A young woman was stabbed to death while holding her son’s hand.

On Thursday morning (16), a video shows Emily Bispo da Cruz, 20, being chased and brutally stabbed to death in front of her son in the Pedra 90 neighbourhood of Cuiabá. The pictures show the moment when a man walks up to her in broad daylight and kills her. Antônio Aluzio Conceico Maciano, her ex-boyfriend, is the main suspect in the crime. He ran away and is now wanted by the police. Follow stoptechy for latets news.

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In the pictures, Emily and her son can be seen walking down the street. At one point, the man arrives on a motorcycle, gets off the bike, and heads towards the victim. Antônio Aluzio, who is the suspect, goes right to where the victim is and stops his car in the middle of the road. He gets off the bike and goes over to Emily as she swerves.

The attacker grabs her by the head as she holds the child and tries to get away from the suspect, who has his arms around her. After a few turns down the street, you can already see the bad guy with his hands on the victim’s stomach.

Then, in the images, the attacker pulls out a knife and starts hitting the victim. The victim lets go of the child and starts to walk backwards as the attacker keeps hitting her with the knife all over her body and face until she sees her lying on the ground.

The child sees all the bad things happening. The attacker gets back on his motorcycle and speeds away as the victim sits down. A bystander walks up to the criminal and tries to kick him, but fails. All of the crimes happen in less than one minute.

According to the head of the Homicide and Person Protection Police Station, Hércules Batista Goncalves, the crime was likely done out of anger. “From what we know so far, it would be a crime of passion in theory,” he said.



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